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Board of Directors

Najela K P

Najela K P, also known as AlwaysReady-Naji, is a go-getter and risk-taker. As a research scholar in the field of education, her passion lies in alternative education and areas such as mindfulness, parenting, gratitude, and disability rights. Najela is our encouragement booster and hope preserver, designing programs and events with equal talent as her cooking skills. She has erased the word "impossible" from her dictionary, following in the footsteps of Napoleon.

Gowri S

Gowri S is our people's champion, holding us all together. With her expertise in human resource management, she excels in coordinating and mastering our events and campaigns. Her interests revolve around youth empowerment, juvenile delinquency, and child rights. Gowri is a flexible member of our team, capable of making an impression anywhere she goes.

Gautham N C

Gautham is one of our silent fireflies, whose life took a new path through volunteering. He discovered himself and his purpose in life through this experience. Gautham is a person of action rather than words. He takes charge of planning events, campaigns, projects, marketing, and crowdfunding. We refer to him as the master of collective dreams because he plants seeds of amazing ideas and helps us achieve them as a team.

Board Members

Arshil P C

Arshil, the Master Networker, possesses an extraordinary gift for building bridges. He effortlessly connects with diverse crowds, transcending language barriers and instantly captivating everyone's attention. With his wealth of experience as a youth and children's life skills trainer, Arshil is a vital pillar of strength within Fireflies, inspiring and empowering others to reach their full potential. His infectious energy and exceptional networking abilities make him an invaluable asset to our organization.

Muhammed Musavvir

Musavvir, affectionately known as Musa, is a fitness enthusiast, a renowned calisthenics coach in Kerala, and a young entrepreneur. His unwavering dedication and relentless hard work have always left us in awe. Musa's exceptional marketing skills have propelled us to reach millions through our social media channels. Moreover, he serves as our cheerleader and motivator, earning him the endearing nickname "Musakka" (meaning "brother" in Malayalam). By the way, have you seen Musa riding the brain cycle? No need to rush to our Instagram now!

Team Members

Vishakh Kumar M

Administrative Assistant

Deekshith U V

Program Lead

Maqsood Poovadka

Social Media & IT Specialist

Our Mentors

Riti V Srivastava

Riti V Srivastava is an NLP master practitioner, executive coach & founder of Founder's Nest, and a pillar of support for us since January 2023. Her unwavering commitment and dedication to our cause have been invaluable. Riti's expertise in managing teams, patience in understanding human emotions, and vision to support various social causes, make her a great mentor. Her genuine enthusiasm and heartfelt encouragement make us feel valued and motivated on our journey.

Reji Mani

Reji Mani, a guiding force on our journey since our birth. With a remarkable ability to envision expansive horizons, he diligently crafts the scope of our plans, seamlessly connecting even the smallest components to a global canvas. His adept research skills infuse precision into our strategies, while his insights enrich team building and management dynamics. Beyond his advisory role, Mr. Reji dedicates time to nurture our volunteers, embodying compassion, a composed presence, boundless patience, and innate kindness. As an unwavering pillar of support since our inception, he remains the steadfast compass through every crest and trough of our path.