Fireflies / Programs

Volunteering Events:
Sharing and Nurturing the Glow Within

At Fireflies, we believe in the power of volunteering to engage and transform youth. Our volunteering events provide an opportunity for young individuals to break free from their challenges and discover a meaningful purpose beyond negativity and destructive behaviors.

Empowering Youth through Training and Workshops

At Fireflies, we believe in equipping the youth of Kasaragod with essential skills and knowledge through our transformative training and workshops. Our goal is to empower young individuals to navigate life’s challenges, explore their potential, and create a positive impact in their communities.

The Youth Empowerment Hub: Chimminikood

It provides a dynamic space where young individuals can explore various opportunities, from art workshops, theatre, and movies to mental health initiatives. We call this space “Chimminikood”, which means “a tiny little lamp” in the Kasaragod dialect. Chimminikood strives to transform Kasaragod into a vibrant hub of creativity, growth, and employment, discouraging the need for migration.